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Friday, March 26, 2010


Kristi is quite... unique. She dumpster dives for materials she uses to make her interesting outfits, has a cat named Minnie secretly living in her room, goes to a school that teaches life skills instead of history called Journeys, and, oh yeah, she can read minds. She loves her ability, although it can sometimes get annoying, like when her best friend Jacob is picturing her in ways she wished he wouldn't. However, it comes in handy when she gets assigned a project where her partner just happens to be the oh-so-popular, oh-so-desireable, yet not-so-smart Gusty, whom she has been crushing on not-so-secretly for years. Gusty's thoughts confuse her though, and between that and his gorgeous presence, the project is almost impossible to work on. As her life caves in, Kristi's loud-mouth, funny personality comes out. I couldn't put this novel down. Just like any other teen, she has issues at home and at school, and when the two come together, it creates quite a mess. The way she handles these things are amusing. This book would have been one of my favorites even if she couldn't read minds, although the mind-reading takes this novel to a whole new level. Gusty is kind of a dumb, typical heart-throb guy, which makes it funny that a witty unusual girl like Kristi likes him. I absolutely loved this book. The end of this book left me wanting more, but it wasn't so open-ended that it felt unfinished. Still, it makes me really sad that there hasn't been a sequel to this novel, at least, not that i've heard of. Anyway, this is an awesome book and I would recommend it to everyone!

Grade: 50/50 Reviewed by: HERO

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  1. True that. The characters are fun and unique!