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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Okay, I don't know what it was with this book but . . . I LOVED IT! It's concept was really weird, and usually with a book like this I put it down without a second glance. But it was Impossible to put down (yes I realize just how cheesy that was). Lucy, who was "raped", finds out that she is pregnant, and decides to keep the baby-even though she is 17. she also finds out, that she is part of an evil elfin-king-things, evil plan. This plan includes getting every descendant of his true love pregnant at 17, then he makes those descendants crazy. And the only way to prevent this is to do three impossible tasks before the baby is born. To help Lucy with these tasks are her foster parents and an old family friend, Zach. Well, we find out close to the beginning of the book that Zach is starting to feel a little tingly below the border for Lucy. But the question is does Lucy feel the same way for Zach, AND is Zach willing to be there for Lucy and her baby? I know it sounds really weird, but I assure you that it is a fantastic book.

grade: 50/50 REVIEWED BY SIREN


  1. This book sounds really unique and interesting. I kind of want to read it now.

  2. Best. Pun. Ever. HAHA you're so punny!!
    - Braylin