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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Perfect Chemistry

OMG, I love this book. The characters have to go through so much emotions throughout the book. Brittany starts the book as a person who has to have things around her perfect because of the imperfection at home. Alex starts out by having no choice but to be a badass because he has to keep his family safe. When they are seated by each other in chemistry, they learn that they have some chemistry of their own. But their romance is hard to fully commit to because of the people that surround. Mostly Brittany's over bearing mother who demands perfection . And since Alex is in a gang, he can't fully commit to Brittany because he doesn't want to lose her. Throughout the book you can see Alex and Brittany realizing that they don't have to always do what is expected for them by other people, they can choose for themselves what it is that they want to do. And what they want is simply each other. Written in alternateing points of view, this book is just so heart inspiring. You learn throughout the book that sacrifices will only get you so far before you say screw it and do your own thing when it comes to love.
grade: 50/50 REVIEWED BY SIREN

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