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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Although I really like this book I felt like it was left uncompleted. This book seems as though it has numerous endings and many beginnings. The author is good because she kept my interest throughout the whole book. Bad because you want so much more out of this story. Wish the author would make numerous other books out of this story and characters. Po and Katsa make the perfect couple. Po is so committed to Katsa that he was willing to give up any chance of having children with Katsa. And Katsa is kinda of a selfish character. She is only willing to be with Po as long as she doesn't have to get married and have children. But despite this she would do anything for Po and does. Po thinks his life is potentially in ruin when he finds out he is blind, but Katsa show him that there is more to life than what you can initially see. When this book is over you want so much more. You think that the author would try and end a book of this stature in a much better way than she did, but you would be wrong.

grade: 42/50 REVIEWED BY SIREN

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