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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Funny How Things Change

I absolutely adored this book. It's about a boy, Remy, a funny 17 year old mechanic is faced with life. He feels like his life is being tore apart when his girlfriend, Lisa, chooses to go to college in Pennsylvania. Well, until she tells him to come with her. Sure Remy has thought that thought, but he never really applied it. And to travel with his girlfriend, his one true love, well that would be a dream come true right? He sure thought so until he met Dana, a fun painter who showed him how maybe he wasn't in love with Lisa after all. This is a book about how when Remy thinks he has it all planned out, life proves him wrong and shows him something different. The setting was wonderful and something I could relate too, even though it takes place in the mountains of West Virginia and I live in Colorado. I loved how this wasn't your typical love story and that in fact it was a love story. The one thing I didn't like was that it was a relatively short book, and it only took me an hour and a half to read. I also don't like how it ends. It leaves you wanting more, and it doesn't explain whether Remy gets the "girl" or not. Clearly, this will not be made into a sequel, and that dissapoints me. I would recomend this book to people though. It's funny and warming; a perfect book when you need an hour to kill.

Rating- 38/50
Reviewed by Braylin

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  1. Hm, haven't heard of this book before... Though, eep, Remy sounds extremely fickle, and the ending very, very open-ended; this perhaps is not my type of book? Great review though, thank you! :)